Note: Our females generally weigh between 4 - 7 lbs and our males generally weigh between 5 - 10 lbs


We are blessed to welcome our first kittens for 2015.
We are expecting several more litters in April/May (May for our bi-colors).

Tulip x Keeper had 3 color point exotic kittens born 4/12/15
Ladybug x Kahuna had 3 color point exotic kittens born 4/13/15
Angelina x Hallie had 4 exotic color point kittens born 4/21/15
Sunflower x Keeper had 6 exotic color point kittens born on 4/22/15
Hula x Hallie had 3 exotic color point exotic kittens born 4/23/15
Solid or bicolor litters are due in May.

All litters are very healthy and beautiful.
Please check in with us or visit our website mid-May for pictures & details.

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Painted by Wendi

Here are some of the kittens we sold this breeding season
to happy families and satisfied breeders:






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